Kinovo plc is a leading UK provider of specialist property services centred on safety and regulatory compliance, home and community regeneration and sustainable living through the installation of efficient and greener energy alternatives.

We focus on three key strategic pillars, all of which ensure we are well placed to meet the long-term macro-economic drivers of our customers that are underpinned by Government legislation and policy.

These areas build on our current focus and reflect our ambition to be a leading UK provider of end-to-end specialist services within the housing and property sector that support our customers to meet their own compliance and sustainability goals.


Assuring safety and regulatory compliance standards in homes and places of work


Creating and enhancing dwellings and workplaces to support sustainable and resilient communities


Providing energy efficient solutions that reduce carbon footprint

The Kinovo plc Group

The Group has four long-established and complementary subsidiaries: Purdy, Spokemead, and R. Dunham. Through their collaboration and shared central functions, the Group offers a range of end-to-end specialist services to customers, working in partnership with them to meet their own compliance and sustainability goals.

Kinovo is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.